Each application provides an easy to use web pages for the management of i‑net Clear Reports or an access point for advanced server features, like the Repository Browser or the Ad Hoc module.

Overview of Applications

You have to activate the Remote Interface via the Standalone Configuration Manager first. Make sure that the remotegui and gwt plugins are installed correctly.

Creating Reports

The i‑net Designer is the default report designer for i‑net Clear Reports which can be used as a standalone application without installation. There are additional Ad Hoc clients for quick reporting results that run in your browser.

Open Report Designer
Ad Hoc reporting: Java Applet /  Web Client

The Remote Designer is a PLUS Version feature only. To use Ad Hoc Reporting you have to activate it via the Configuration Manager first. Make sure that the Ad Hoc plugin is installed correctly.

Sample Report

Get started now and have a look at a Report Sample in the Report Viewer (Link below).
To open your own reports, you can call for example:

Show Report Sample in Viewer


Have a look at the following links for documentation about i‑net Clear Reports. Find information about successfully setting up the server and about how to use the API.